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High Tech

For the companies in the high tech industry, Mason Technologies provides two solutions:

  • Order To Delivery Management is a solution that provides high tech companies with the ability to capture orders from multiple channels such as contact centre, mobile field sales and over the counter and then continue the processing of the order till the delivery of the product to the end destination. The difference of this solution compared to a traditional ERP solution is that it is built on top of a CRM platform that also provides the customer service element to capture and track enquiries and complaints with regards to any issues during the order and delivery process as well as issues with final goods that are received by the customer.
  • Field Service Management provides a complete end-to-end solution that creates, assigns, schedules and tracks field installation and repair activities at a customer’s premises. In addition, this solution has got a customer feedback capture mechanism  that is used after each installation/repair activity is completed in order measure customer satisfaction. This solution also includes the management of field engineers and their skill sets.