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Database Solutions


Mason provides professional installation of Oracle database, Microsoft SQL, Application Servers and open sourced Linux environments. These installations are configured to your requirements, utilizing the best practises gained from installations at over 50 customers through multiple versions to the latest supported version on multiple platforms from Windows to the different flavours of Unix/Linux. During the installation we will document the exact configuration and transfer our expert knowledge and best practises to your team.




Backup & Restore

Protect your data with Backup and restore services provided by Mason. Backup and restore operations and methodologies for your environment are studied, recommended and implemented by expert consultants.


Database Health Check

Periodical systems performance health checks using proven Oracle methodologies to measure and provide a diagnosis of your systems performance. Regular health checks can provide you an overview of your systems stability while being an early indicator of future performance bottlenecks – giving you the ability to address the potential issue early. Our health checks help you assess

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Scalability


High Availability & Business Continuity


Guard the sanctity of your data against loss.

Critical applications that require high-availability are provided with many options today, from a single server to server replication setup to a multi-server high-end cluster and grid architecture to ensure maximum availability and protect against data loss.

Mason provides the expertise to leverage your investment in Oracle technology by providing services to perform multiple types of High availability configurations, depending on your hardware ecosystem and high availability requirements. From an Active/Passive configuration to High Availability Active/Active database RAC configuration and also Active/Active DataGuard for data replication.



Upgrade & Migrate




Migration of your database involve moving from one database platform to another, different operating systems and also upgrades from an earlier version to a newer version. With over 5 years of successful migrations from dozens of different types of database migrations, Mason is fully equipped to perform this critical task, from planning, project management through execution and support. Migration from IBMs DB2, Microsoft SQL server, Access, Sybase, Teradata, Informix and MySQL can be done by fully trained Oracle certified consultants.





Upgrades to your Oracle database is done by seasoned Oracle certified professionals. From an upgrade from a previous version to the current version, upgrading an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) database, upgrading the operating system of the database we work with your application developer and support team to identify the best way to perform the upgrade while mitigating the risks associated with upgrading your database.





Protection against data breaches as well as meeting and satisfying regulatory compliances with regards to data security is a top priority with a growing number of attacks on internal and external corporate and government applications. Although many steps and measures are taken to protect organizations against intrusions, significant gaps still exists at the core – your database. Many enterprises don’t have a comprehensive database security strategy that can defend against sophisticated external attacks, SQL injections and internal ‘espionage’.



Three Pillars of Database Security


  • Discovery & Classification
  • Authentication, Authorization & Access Control
  • Patch Management
  • Auditing
  • Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Encryption
  • Data Masking
  • Database Firewall


Mason provides the consulting expertise to implement the Three Pillars of Database Security with the following technologies:

  •  Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Data Database Vault
  • Oracle Audit Vault
  • Custom database monitoring
  • Oracle Data Masking
  • Oracle Advanced Security
  • Oracle Database Firewall