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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a multi-pronged strategy for profitability.

CRM’s main purpose is to gain an understanding of your customers and their needs and this cannot be achieved without a sustained focus on CRM.




The Sales Strategy – Attract new customers

At the heart of every business are their customers – for without our customers, we forego any notions of having a business. Mason provides tools to meet different strategies pertaining to the sales strategy such as Sales Force Automation (SFA) software that tracks interactions from first time interactions to prospecting, follow up, proposing right to an actual sale or loss. These tools provide the streamlining of the sales process for business improvement through workflows and built in processes as well as providing management insight from analytical reports as well as real time reporting abilities such as enhanced sales forecasting based on the latest data.



Sell Better

Improving the way deals are closed and modifying salesperson behaviour to align with organizational sales goals can be achieved using Sales Performance Management (SPM) tools. From hiring the correct salesperson, training, coaching up to incentivizing using our SPM solutions and Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solutions provide you with leading best-of-breed applications.




The Marketing Strategy – Attract new prospective customers

Lead management and lead generation tools enable businesses to track the effectiveness of multiple marketing programs through different channels and direct them to sales. It enables you to track and measure the lifecycle of every lead from point of lead creation to sales closure, and analyse the effectiveness of those programs and its impact on the bottom line.



The Service Strategy – Keep customers loyal

Customer retention is achieved through excellent service throughout – pre and post sales. Managing and tracking interactions and being able to direct the customer to the correct person who can best help them address the problem at hand goes a long way to achieve this. Mason provides the tools to capture interactions and classify them by creating cases while at the same time managing the customers’ expectations through enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to provide timely resolution and response.


CRM Design Audit


Are you doing things right?


Foresight is indeed a rare-gift. Pre-implementation CRM design audit provides a way to do things right the first time. Post-implementation, it provides a platform to revive failed or failing projects as well as improve from where you are today.




We listen to you

Your CRM strategy and vision, goals, must-haves, nice to haves analyse your existing system and processes and then proceed to collaborate and design prototypes using our best practises based on years of CRM consulting in various industries.



Existing Implementations

For existing implementations, those already completed in-progress or in danger or failing, we work hand in hand to identify and highly process improvements, problem areas and recommend steps to move forward with your CRM implementations.



New Implementations

For new implementation, with our experience in implementing and supporting solutions from Oracle CRM, Siebel CRM on demand, Microsoft CRM and Sugar CRM we are able to identify and weigh the strength and benefits of each solution and tailor them to what would suit you best – From simple fast-to-adopt prototypes to fast-deploy CRM solutions and large-scale CRM deployments.



Some of the activities we do:

Current system design audit via phone, face-to-face & workshops.

Review of CRM implementation plan .

Consulting on Sales Proccess

Consulting on Service Proccess Review and re-design of systems documentation if poorly done or non-existent.

Review, recommendation and re-implementation of CRM:

  •  ReviewPrototyping fast deploy solutions
  •  Integration to legacy systems – moving to centralize data improves
  •  Visibility and accuracy
  •  Data clean-up and migration

Converting from de-supported or legacy products to current solutions.